The ship model builders handbook

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The ship model builders handbook
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This Handbook is a compilation of photographs and data relative to the visible fíttings, machinery and superstructures that may be found on the small merchant ship, tug, físhing vessel etc. The range is limited to vessels of an overall length of approximately 250 feet (76 metres). The content applies mainly to powered vessels although some of the fíttings would have been found on earlier vessels where design has passed down virtually unchanged. Many model ship builders never have the opportunity to visit working ships of today and often live many miles from the sea and seaports so that the information here will be of immense value.

Amongst the information provided is data relative to modelling including the construction of the hull, superstructures, the sources of specific fíttings and mate­rial and some information relative to the rules of the sea and shipbuilding. Many of the working ships of yesteryear, particularly the steam driven ships, have great appeal to the modeller and often the lack of pertinent information prevents the builder from producing an accurate model. It is to these modellers that the data included is directed.

The book has been compiled from photographs and information collected by the author over many years and upon data and pictures collected during his association with a large ship owning company based in Kingston upon Hull in recent years. The opportunities to visit ships in the docks at Hull and Grimsby have not been wasted and every chance to take photographs has been seized. Much infor­mation has been gleaned from experts in the field of físhing, oilrig support and pilotage as well as the day to day ruing of cargo ships and is collated here in the form of a valuable reference source for all ship model builders.

The author has himself found the photographs of great assistance when building models for his clients and the selection included has been chosen with care to provide as much aid as possible to others. In many cases the information is supplemented by the inclusion of dimensions of certain fíttings and thus even the most experienced modeller should fínd this volume of value.